Biconix, Inc.

Software Consultants

Biconix, Inc. provides customization and consulting services to companies that have purchased Microsoft Dynamics CRMTM systems.

Often our clients are companies that have already attempted to customize CRM (Customer Relationship Management), but now require help or additional resources to complete the project.

The services we provide include:

Software Development
Project Management
Architecture and Design
Developer Training

We help our clients realize the potential of their investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRMTM .

Biconix has been serving clients nationally for over 25 years and internationally for fifteen. Our CRM clients have included the largest manufacturer of roofing supplies in North America, the leading provider of photochromics to optical manufacturers and a franchise organization that provides restoration services to residential, commercial and institutional properties. Our clients have also included office supply retailers, sorting equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, major consulting companies, medical laboratories, videotext providers, long distance phone companies, banks, manufacturers and non-profit organizations.

Biconix has developed a reputation for providing high quality services and products. Biconix' staff maintains a professional, yet personal, rapport with its clients.