Biconix designed and developed a real-time system to control sorting machines. This system processed information describing the sorting requirements and created the tables detailing the sorting destination of each package. During the sorting process, in real-time, software determined at which location the item had to be dropped and directed the sorting machine to deliver the product at the proper location. Finally, the system confirmed that the items were delivered properly and then created the reports needed for shipping.

Biconix installs and customizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a variety of industries.

Recently we have designed and made extensive customizations for a leader in the photochromic lens manufacturing industry. The tasks we performed include Reporting, Business Processes, Data Migration, Troubleshooting, Project and Development Management, Installation and Configuration of Testing and Production Environments, Integration with other systems in the organization such as the Data Warehouse and  Data Validation.

We also managed the Development Division of a larger software house that specialized in design, development, customization and extension of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In addition we have designed, implemented and deployed CRM systems in the following companies:

· Large water supply company Marketing & Sales.

· Pharmaceutical distribution company – Customer services, Integration with Accounting and logistic systems.

· Financial services – Sales & Customer services.

· Office supply company – Sales & Orders systems.


We developed an application for jewelry manufacturers that replaces their item description card catalog. This application helps the manufacturer determine the cost of manufacturing the piece and its selling price. It also displays a high resolution color image of the jewelry item to help in identification of the piece and as a sales tool. This application received a very favorable review in the trade literature.

Working with the internal entrepreneurial group of a major bank we designed and coded a PC-based banking system. This system was designed for use by small business owners to do account transfers, wire transfers, bill payments and payroll deposits. Transfer instructions are set up on the small business owner's PC and are automatically transmitted to the bank's computer for processing. We also consulted to the development of the host’s service software.

We developed a program to enable large customers to connect to the host computer to check product availability and stock levels, place and modify orders and to communicate via electronic mail with customer representatives and other support personnel.

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We designed, developed, coded, tested and installed a system to collect Call Detail Records from a Digital Switch Corporation DEX 400/600 switch. The system uses an X.25 network and fault tolerant programming principles to guarantee the integrity of the data transfer. In addition to programming, Biconix was responsible for training operators and for troubleshooting the communications lines. We developed this system to run on two different environments: Tandem Computers and PC based Windows. We also designed a fraud detection system to assist the security analysts in detecting and preventing abuse of telephone account authorization codes.

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