Moshe Raab, Ph.D.

Moshe Raab is an experienced software developer who specializes in systems analysis, design and programming. He has developed a wide range of software systems for diverse organizations. His clients have included leaders in the equipment manufacturing, banking, videotext, consulting and telephony industries. He has developed systems for the PC (under both DOS and Windows environments) and Tandem computers.

Shai Bar-Lev

Shai Bar-Lev has twenty five years of software experience. Shai has held management positions in several software houses as well as having established a successful software consultancy with an international client base.

His experience includes architecting and/or implementing software of every kind, from systems-level applications to large N-Tier business enterprise systems.

Biconix, Inc.

Software Consultants

Prior to establishing Biconix, Dr. Raab was at Viewdata Corporation Of America (a Knight-Ridder company), where he was responsible for developing, maintaining and enhancing critical on-line processes, designing and coding communications programs, operations and system programming and system tuning. Before joining Viewdata, Dr. Raab was with Securities Industry Automation Corporation, where he was involved with the development of the Intermarket Trading System which links eight competing market centers through a central computer facility.

Recently, Dr. Raab was the development team leader for Classification and Automatic Attribute Detection at Zoomix Data Mastering, Ltd.

Dr. Raab has earned his Ph.D. in Information Systems and holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biochemistry.

Dr. Raab is a Microsoft Business Management Solutions Professional, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

He has broad project management experience defining software specifications, project timelines, managing programming resources and overseeing Q&A testing.

Shai has extensive knowledge in high-performance trading systems expertise in OO design, and implementation using advanced languages, specializing in distributed software architectures, and Component Based Development (CBD) system designs and implementations.

He is a noted industry trainer, lecturer and writer in all aspects of Windows development especially Microsft.NET VC++,Managed C++,C#,ASP.NET , Web Services , WCF, WPF, WWF , Silver Light , MSCRM, Reflection , COM+/COM and related technologies.

Shai is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and is a C# User Group Leader

Rebecca Raab, Office Manager

Rebecca Raab has been the office manager at Biconix, Inc. since July 2012

From 1999-2012,  she was the Office Manager at ATID-EDI, a consulting firm based in Jerusalem.


Rebecca earned her Bachelor degree in Economics from Touro College.

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